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Odd Color Combinations That Can Help Website Designers Paint Their Canvas Better

The job of a web designer in internet world is that of a painter; one who adds color and life to otherwise dull ambience of virtual world. Now, that

Apple and Proview Might Start Talking

With the iPad one of the most popular tablets in the world, it seems ridiculous that the tablet may not be able to be sold under the name “iPad”

Are Surveillance Mirrors Worth the Investment?

The supermarket I used to go to as a kid had an old employee who would trail all of the kids around to make sure that they didn’t stuff

Ways in Which Social Media Profiles Can Be Optimized

There was a time when the sole focus of online marketers was on search engine optimization, and they only considered the search related factors for optimization. Then came social

Fitness Gadgets and Gears

Getting fit is hard enough without spending hours in a soul-destroying sport centre. Tone yourself up while getting back in touch with nature at one of these outdoor events.

How Remanufactured Toner Cartridges Will Save You Money

Saving money on basic office equipment and services is a big challenge for most firms, and it seems that some ideas are simpler than others. I used to work

Make online competitions your hobby

You have no doubt seen competitions in magazines and newspapers where people ask for your name, number and address, and in return you will be entered into a contest

Apple Faces Off in Chinese Legal Battle Over Rights to iPad Trademark

Computer giant Apple is currently set to face off in China’s high court at the end of February with Proview Technology (Shenzhen) Co Ltd, a Chinese based technology company.

Ways to Earn Money Online

The Internet provides excellent opportunities to earn money online. Stay at home moms and freelance entrepreneurs can find many ways to earn money online. Earning a significant amount of

Maintenance Basics: Clean Up Cable Clutter

Computer cables make for a cluttered desk. Even if you have some wireless peripherals, such as mice and keyboards, your computer still has power cords, video cables, audio wires,

An Optimistic Approach To Hunt Down The Best Web Design Firm

With the enhanced trend of web technology in the last decade, many people jumped into the arena who claimed to be web designer or web design company that has

Google Wallet Expected to Replace Discount Cards

There has been a lot of buzz about Google Wallet and how it is expected to replace the use of conventional credit cards. Using RFID technology, consumers will be