Monthly Archive:: December 2012


Columbia Software system is going to be updated

The software system of the Columbia city will be updated by an outside vendor. According to Tony St. Romaine, the deputy manager of the city, this is undoubtedly a

My Experience With the iPad POS system

While I consider myself to be fairly technologically educated, I do find that often a new gadget, gizmo or app will escape my notice for quite some time. Often

The New Approach For Online Businesses

If there is something many internet marketers have learned in this year that is the fact that Google is not ready to let marketers using cheap and low value

New Google Maps for iOS, Mac Chime acquires trademark, the debut of iPhone 5 in China, and patent news

Google Maps returns There are quite a few things going around Apple, and here is a round up on all the latest happenings. At times, when Apple was busy

The Laptop Vs Ultrabook

New computers proliferate, each promising to be sleeker, lighter, faster and better than the generation that came before. This leaves many consumers wondering about the difference between laptops and ultrabooks and

New interesting video games for the adults and teens

Video games have become an integral part of the life of most of the kids now. Even adults use it as the best entertainment option for their leisure. However,