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Widening Work-Station: Maximize Your Office Space

In the hectic era that we live in, more than fifty percent of the time is spent in offices. The more time we spend at work, the more need

Is Mobile Enough to Blog?

There’s been an explosion in the mobile blogging app marketplace. WordPress, Posterous, Blogger, SquareSpace…the list of providers rushing to push out a mobile-friendly app is sizeable, and growing. But

BlackBerry Messenger on your PC?

  BlackBerry Messenger is one of RIM’s stalwarts. It’s the origin of the ubiquitous BlackBerry PIN – the most important piece of information for certain teenagers, who guard it

Five Reasons You Still Need a Desktop

With all the hype about tablets, smartphones and ultrabooks, it’s tempting to think that the humble desktop has gone the way of the dodo, consigned to the dustbin of

Technology You Can Take to Sea and Rail

We all love the sea or rail, don’t we? Bobbing up and down with the waves, watching a spectacular sunset and living a meagre, low tech existence for a

How the cloud is affecting your work/life balance?

To say that the cloud changes everything is a massive understatement. It has and is changing the way we consume and produce data, and now it’s also changing how

BlackBerry’s best finance apps

BlackBerry prices are low right now. Anticipation for the release of BlackBerry 10 (RIM’s next big Operating System update) has kept prices down on blockbuster handsets such as the

High Tech Windows

What home would be complete with some windows in it? It is almost inconceivable to have a home with no windows in it but what kind of windows will