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Simple Steps to Effective Web Design

Not all websites are created equal. In fact, the opposite is true: Your website could be falling well behind the pace of your competitors if you aren’t focused on

Four steps to a cloudier you: How cloud computing can help you

    Cloud computing is a big concept, offering all sorts of opportunities for businesses and communities, but what is cloud computing for you, personally? Well, it’s a way

Ramp Up Your Riding Skills with BMX RAMP

BMX Ramp, as the name suggests, is a BMX-style game in which the player rolls back and forth on a single ramp in order to get the most points

A Six-Point Plan for Finding the Perfect Student Laptop

Today’s students, whether in college or in high school, can benefit tremendously from having access to a laptop. Many college classrooms assume students will have this access, to the

Master Of Your Domains: The Logistics Of Hosting Multiple Sites

By Jennifer Marsh Jennifer Marsh is a software developer, programmer and technology writer and occasionally blogs for Rackspace Hosting. For most large companies, one website isn’t enough to handle

Building a Strong Company Culture Breeds Success

Happy employees are loyal employees, and employee loyalty is essential to the success of a business, no matter how large or small. A study by the Center for American Progress showed

Search Available Domain Names

In case you are going to start off a website, you’ll find the time will come once you must search available domain names. If a domain name is owned,