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The Benefits Of Data Dedupe

Data Deduplication, or Data Dedupe for short, is the process of preventing excessive data storage space occupied by duplicate blocks or full files of data. Expressed as a ratio,

The Fixture Design Process A Lot Simpler And Easier

There is an old saying about having to try over and over again in order to succeed at something. Though trying something many times will help, it is not

Tips On Utilizing SIP Business Trunking

In most offices that are using private branch exchanges (PBX) or an upgraded version of IP-BPX to connect multiple telephones within an office, a need to connect with the

Promotional Lanyards – A Cost-Effective Give Away Item

Promotional lanyards are used as corporate give-aways by countless companies. These simple yet corporate promotional items are ideal freebies during travel expos, exhibition and conferences. People love to receive

Benefits Of Buying Refurbished

The costs of purchasing electronic devices can really add up. In many instances, buying items that are refurbished can save you a great deal of money and satisfy your

Using Print Catalogs To Promote Your Products

All business owners understand how hard it is when you’re starting out – and even later in business – to effectively advertise your products or service and promote your

How To Protect Your Health Records & What To Do If They’re Compromised

The right to have our medical records and healthcare information protected is an idea that we’re all pretty much undivided on. It’s also a topic that spurs powerful emotions