4 Ways to Trade off Your Old Mobile Phone

Have you ever thought of what your old cell phone might be capable of other than it lying somewhere around, covered with dust and no use? Probably, in sometime you will forget that it exists. So, instead of wasting your cell phone, you can make a decent fortune of it. Nowadays, old phones can be traded for quite a good sum of money. So now, when you think you can’t put your cell phone to use since you’ve gotten a new one and you can’t even pass it on, trade it off! You never know what good profit you might make out of it.

Where to trade?

There are several ways from which you can choose the most suitable one for yourself. Following are four ways that can get you cash for old mobile phone:

• High street seller
Almost all the high street mobile shops buy your old phone and sell it to other people. How they function is quite basic. They look at your phone and compare it to the brand new phone of the same sort. Depending on your phone’s condition in comparison, they give you the price they’ll buy it for. If you sell them your phone in the given price, they then keep it and sell it on usually a ten percent profit to people who prefer buying second hand phones.

• Online cell phone buying companies
This is probably the easiest way that you can pick for selling your phone. These are internet based companies that will pay you cash for mobile phones. All you have to do is to go on their site and give the required details of your old phone. They will then reply you back and tell you the price they’ll pay for your phone. If you are okay with the price they are ready to pay, they will send you a jiffy bag to post your cell phone in. You will just have to pay the mailing charges. However, if they consider your phone not in a good shape that they could buy it, they mail it back free of cost.

• eBay
eBay also works online but it’s not just a mobile selling site. By trading off on eBay, you may make more cash for mobile phones as compared to the above mentioned ways we discussed. However, there’s no guarantee of your phone being traded on it. You can develop a general idea by comparing your phone to other phones that are put on sale on eBay and then give the price accordingly. You can also check various selling tips on eBay that can help you make profit.

• Friend
Can’t gift it to a friend? Sell it! This is also a feasible way you can opt for to get money and keep your friend satisfied too. This usually works on the ten percent profit too.
With so many ways of getting cash for a mobile phone, why would you let it lie around for no use? Think productively, trade smartly!