5 Advantages of Intel Server Board

Intel Server Board is a high performance system that delivers all of the benefits of 2 complete servers in a single system that is an ultra dense 1U rack mount system. This server board technology invention of Intel delivers the cutting edge encroachments in the development, design and management capabilities of server system. It gets quite easy to mange things with the Intel server board. Along with this the cost of owning this technology is reduced to a great extent. So far one had to compromise if one was paying a lower cost for the technologies but with the Intel Server boards one gets advanced management technology without conceding with the quality.

1. Lower cost with high efficiency

Yet another advantage one gets with the Intel Server Boards is that one gets unparalleled flexibility with regard to the configuration. The efficiency of the power is optimized and one has to pay a far lower cost for it. If one is looking for flexibility at a lower cost or a high performance or an extremely efficient technology then without giving a seconds thought one can go for the Intel Server Board. Intel Server Board is said to be the perfect combination when one wants the low cost yet the best technology. In short one gets the best return on the lowest investment.

2. Specifications with regard to the memory

When talking about the memory section of the Intel Server Board one has to keep in mind that it majorly depends on the type of memory it contains. The maximum size of memory that one can get with the Intel Server Board is 32 GB. The memory types one can get with the Intel Server Board is DDR3 ECC UDIMM. On the other hand if one talks about the bandwidth of the memory it is about 1066 GB/3. Along with this the ECC memory is also supported well by the Intel Server Board. There are two memory channels with it.

3. Options available with the Intel Server boards

With the Intel Server board, the PCI that can be supported well is up to 32 bits/33 MHZ. if one thinks about the Express revision of the PCI then it can be about 2.0. along with this if we talk about Express lanes then there are 4 of these.

4. I/O specifications with Intel Server Board

One of the most important thing one thinks about when one gets the pc configured is the I/O specifications. And one thinks about them even with the Intel Server Board. With regard to the USB revision one gets USB 2.0. And amazingly it has 9 USB ports. With these specifications at a lower cost what more one can ask for? There are 5 internal USB ports and the rest 4 ports are at the back. Configuration with regard to the RAID is Intel(R) RST (0, 1, 10, 5); ESRT2 (0, 1, 10). Along with these there are 2 serial ports and 2 LAN ports. One also has to notice the integrated LAN configuration. It is 2x 1 GbE.

5. Advanced tech with Intel Server Board

The first and the foremost thing that one must keep in mind with the Intel Server Board is that it does not have any registered Trusted Execution Technology. But it does have a Remote Management Module Support and it is AXXRMM4 or AXXRMM4LITE. There is definitely a Node manger and also a TPM. There is no advanced management technology but there is Server Customization technology. One must not forget that Intel Server Board does have a registered build insurance technology but it does not have a registered Intel quiet thermal technology.

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