6 Outstanding Benefits of Moving your Blog to the Cloud

A blogger’s goal is to spread ideas that they believe in. Now this blogger could be a business blogger, professional blogger, niche blogger, an affiliate or just a casual blogger penning down thoughts. No matter what kind you are, it is vital that you create and curate as much content on your blog so that readers stay put. This amount of blogging calls for an equally stable hosting to support the blog.

Over time, it has been seen that cloud hosting has become a preferred choice for many bloggers as well as small-medium businesses to host their blog and website. The flexibility and freedom provided by cloud hosting is something that has taken both communities by surprise. With this article, we seek to shed light upon cloud’s amazing benefits and why you need to host your blog on the cloud (or even migrate if you have one).

1. Facilitates access instantly

Bloggers don’t like to restrict themselves to writing a blog at the desk. They are always on the move writing via mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Which is why they need a hosting service that allows them to access work related documents from any location. With cloud hosting, bloggers can access their files and documents anytime anywhere. Moreover, choosing a cloud package for your business blog allows one to retrieve important files and modify them on the move. There is no need to bypass complicated service applications all the time.

2. Speedy data recovery

A key benefit of cloud hosting is its quick data recovery and backup mechanism. Bloggers can face such problems with respect to data, for e.g sudden loss of blog posts because of technical reasons. For such instances, cloud hosting is a safe measure. With cloud one can recover all the lost data and have more control over their hosting. In addition to this, there are no issues with respect to space i.e RAM or disk space

3. Guarantees firm security

All the web-based files at data centers are secured with multiple layers by cloud hosting. As a technology, cloud protects data with encryptions and passwords that are hard to decipher. In addition to this, cloud hosting providers undergo audits to check for compliance with industry standards and regulations every year. With these various levels of protection, it is very hard for any malignant activity to penetrate through any blog hosted on the cloud. Hence most cyber threats like DDoS and malware attacks have been mitigated, allowing bloggers to trust cloud hosting services.

4. Boosts overall performance

Cloud hosting is known to speed up the load time for web pages. It is because of the CDN (Content Delivery Network) that it uses which routes the web traffic through a global delivery network. CDN optimizes the web page delivery and boosts the speed of the web page which is beneficial from SEO point of view. In short, cloud hosting not only boosts the loading time of the blog pages but also takes the over all performance of the blog much above.

5. Provides massive storage capabilities

Bloggers need to curate, write and publish content through their blogs to earn reputation and authority in their industry. Since they write blogs and upload videos that cover different aspects of a field or a topic, they need a solid amount of storage capacity to do justice to the same. With cloud hosting, bloggers can avail as much disk space as they want. This is because, all the data that is stored on a remote database can be scaled at any point in time with just a click. This has made uploading images, writing long blogs and uploading how-to-videos much easier for bloggers.

6. Saves cost

Cloud hosting has enabled many bloggers to go online for the simple reason that it is economical in nature. Also, as a blogger, if you want to utilize more resources, you do not have to worry about upgrading to a better plan because one can easily do that without spending much.


Cloud hosting is a great solution if you are looking to get set and start blogging. With the aforementioned pointers, one has more reason than one to migrate to a safe cloud hosting service. In closing, we would add that cloud has served many bloggers successfully and helped them carve a niche for themselves. So, prepare yourself for the long run and spread your ideas within your community at the speed of cloud.