An update on attempted man-in-the-middle attacks

Today we accustomed letters of attempted SSL man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks adjoin Google users, whereby addition approved to get amid them and encrypted Google services. The bodies afflicted were primarily amid in Iran. The antagonist acclimated a counterfeit SSL affidavit issued by DigiNotar, a basis affidavit ascendancy that should not affair certificates for Google (and has back revoked it).

Google Chrome users were adequate from this advance because Chrome was able to ascertain the counterfeit certificate.

To added assure the assurance and aloofness of our users, we plan to attenuate the DigiNotar affidavit ascendancy in Chrome while investigations continue. Mozilla additionally confused bound to assure its users. This agency that Chrome and Firefox users will accept alerts if they try to appointment websites that use DigiNotar certificates. Microsoft additionally has taken alert action.

To advice avert exceptionable surveillance, we acclaim that users, abnormally those in Iran, accumulate their web browsers and operating systems up to date and pay absorption to web browser aegis warnings.