Android Security: an Important Issue to Tackle

There is a growing problem about the security of the Android system nowadays. More people are getting caught up in fraudulent schemes, and companies are actually receiving a lot of complaints from the customers. Before, it was different. People were not concerned about getting hacked or someone could surpass the security of Android. This is because they thought that the operating system of Android is too strong to get hacked, so people did not even bother to purchase security software applications.

Android Security: an Important Issue to Tackle

Unfortunately today, there have been an increasing number of issues about the security. Because of this, users are now starting to download security software applications such as Lookout, Norton Mobile Security, and WaveSecure. These applications can block viruses and malware; they scan every application or files being downloaded to the cellphone. It also helps in locating a missing cellphone if in case the cellphone was stolen. It also backs-up files from the cellphone and be able to retrieve it whenever the user want.

However, despite of all of these features that these security software applications can offer, there are still leaks or holes in the security. There are malicious apps that are available in the market. This so-called hole can have access to the user’s personal information, the location, and even network communication. These hackers can even modify contents of a memory card and check the phone calls done by the user through the cellphone.

You might wonder how these hackers could take the personal information of the user even if you have not put anything in your cellphone even files or any other stuff. It is actually from the downloading of the application. The application was not thoroughly checked. As a user, you have to be careful of the applications that you purchase for you cellphone. There are some applications that while downloading or maybe after downloading, they will ask personal questions about you. Some would even ask you to type in your credit card number!

But the right question that you must ask yourself when downloading an application and encountering this experience is that why is it necessary to type in personal information and credit card information when you are just to purchase an application? A piece of advice to users, refrain from typing in your personal details unless you think that it is really necessary. This can help you avoid the frauds that are happening to Android users.

There was one situation wherein they just found out that their personal information was collected and were sent to China. To be able to avoid this, customers need to read carefully not only the description of the applications but also the warnings before installing it in your phone.

Another big issue about the Android device is about its camera and microphone. It was said that it can be used as somewhat a spycam wherein the hacker can see what you’re doing with the use of your own cellphone’s camera and the built-in microphone. The hackers can actually record the video, even when you are not playing the video application, but they can turn it on with a remote.

The security software team behind the Android OS is working on some improvements and the styles of comprehensive security management solutions. Users will then be able to know if they were a fraud going on, and they will become more cautious with these things. In the meanwhile, it’s up to you to pay attention while using your phone!

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