At&T Announces An Increased 24 Months Upgrade Cycle

AT&T has come up with a new policy which they recently announced officially and it entails the 24month upgrade to be done across all of the AT&T’s services and the products. This new policy is supposed to be applicable to all the consumers of their services and products.

What they have lately in the change is in line with the AT&T devices upgrade eligibility with their two-year standard agreement to those who choose to use their services and products. The agreement is expected to expire in March of next year 2014 or later on if it is extended.

Now you will be able to get the upgrade commitment agreement for two years at some reduced cost and after that you are required to renew or do some early upgrade after six months.

AT&T will continue to Offer their Services

Being that they have established a new policy does not mean that now the T&T will not be able to offer the services to the consumers as they used to do. They will still continue to offer their respected customers with a wide range of services that will be able to meet the individual needs of the customers.

You must be feeling very happy about this but wait a minute before you become overjoyed because you will also have some responsibility to take. The new policy only considers you as eligible for the upgrade of the device at some cost. You will upgrade your device at a subsidized price after 24 months. You will also have a pleasure to share your upgrades with someone else who is in your account and is having just the same device as the one you are having.

Having an Early Upgrade of the Device

AT&T has also made it possible for the consumers to have an early upgrade of their devices. You are actually very eligible to have your upgrades after completing six months and beyond of your service agreement.

If you decide to have an early upgrade of your device then you will also qualify for a discount which is off the retail price in your commitment to the next service agreement of two years which is the perfect way that AT&T has actually decided to trend. Apart from all that hustles and bustles about the early upgrade, you can as well make the purchase of the device at a retail price without having any discounts or the service commitments in place if you so dislike such commitments.

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