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How do I install a new hard drive?

Usually, a new hard drive comes with a manual which you can have a look at it, as to how to install your hard drive. However, in this article

USB Flash Drive: Known For Its Huge Data Storage Capability & Extreme Portability

You will, probably, agree with us that USB flash devices are the most common storage devices which are in use. They are excellent devices to store huge amount of

Does Your Laptop Turn Off Often? Temperature Monitoring, May be a Solution.

            Heating up of fans could be a threat to your desktop or laptop, the system may heat up because of unavoidable dust over the fan. Desktops get rid

Create Your Backup Using Disk-to-Disk Backup and Be Relaxed!

You will never be intimated beforehand, of an accident. What if your PC is stolen and you lose your precious data? It has been witnessed many times that, a

Will Microsoft Surface Prove to be a tough competitor in the tablet market?

Microsoft Surface can be a tough competitor as it caters to customer needs and follows the new trends of the market. Basically, it has many cool features meant for