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Online Business Essentials For 2014

Businesses of all sizes are becoming more dependent on the Web for sales, marketing and communicating with their customers. Because of this fact, in 2014 you’ll need to incorporate

The Truth Behind The Private Cloud

The battle of the Hatfields versus the McCoys doesn’t match the intensity of the feud between the advocates in the debate over the public cloud versus the private cloud. More

Traffic Prep 101: Building Your Site To Scale

Building your site to be fully scalable is a concern for many businesses. Websites need to be able to handle large increases in usage and traffic, some of which

Which Platform Should Be Used For A High-Traffic Site?

When your WordPress website receives large amounts of traffic on a regular basis, having the right platform is essential. Without an appropriate hosting platform, your site will fail when traffic spikes

Moving Windows Servers To The Cloud

In-house servers may be a very common way for businesses to securely store and manage data, but due to innovation in the cloud, they are no longer the best

Don’t Be A Data Hoarder: Store Only What You Need

Data hoarding is becoming a costly problem for enterprises. Compounding the issue is the difficulty of slowing down the data gathering. Part of the problem is that data gathering

Opening Up Storage In The Hybrid Cloud

Storage is the hallmark of cloud computing; it is why many on both the enterprise and consumer side turn to the technology. Cloud storage has changed from what it

How to Drive Conversion Through Website Content and Design

A business that doesn’t exist on the Internet might as well not exist at all. If you’re preparing to spend your company’s money to create a small business website,

VMware’s Change of Heart About OpenStack

Like any technology field, the IT landscape is rapidly changing. Just a few short years ago cloud computing disrupted some tightly held values within the IT community about closed

Overcoming Bottlenecks with a Faster Database

The cloud database is a relatively new concept of managing databases as-a-service on the cloud. The main idea behind this concept is to free users from all the demanding

Building a Small Business Website: An Outline for Success

Twenty years ago, having a website for your small business would have been a luxury; these days, it’s a necessity. If a business doesn’t exist on the Internet, it

The Future of Storage

Flash storage is nothing new. It’s been around in various forms for years. Most recently it has been making splashes in the consumer-level computing market, found in devices ranging