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The Effects Violent Video Games can have on the Mind of Children and Teenagers

There went a debate since long time ago about a child being affected by the violent shows in the television and various violent video games which they play in

U.S Lawmaker: Mobile users ought to be given power to delete personal data

There has been a recent legislation that has been passed by a U.S lawmaker that allows or permits the mobile phone users with a certain power. The mobile phone

All Game No work, For The Year Ahead Says Wii And 3DS

Nintendo is all set to release their games, this year. Unlikely they hardly had any work all around last year. Surely, after having a blissful vacation, has geared up

The Mysterious Trip of Google’s High Ranked Official to North-Korea

Google’s executive chairman, Mr. Eric Schimidt visited North Korea secretly. There is much a hype in the media about his recent visit to the country. The actual reason behind

Columbia Software system is going to be updated

The software system of the Columbia city will be updated by an outside vendor. According to Tony St. Romaine, the deputy manager of the city, this is undoubtedly a

New Google Maps for iOS, Mac Chime acquires trademark, the debut of iPhone 5 in China, and patent news

Google Maps returns There are quite a few things going around Apple, and here is a round up on all the latest happenings. At times, when Apple was busy

New interesting video games for the adults and teens

Video games have become an integral part of the life of most of the kids now. Even adults use it as the best entertainment option for their leisure. However,

VMotion IT Solutions, a famous web hosting company make contract with Dell for IT solutions

Again a big deal has happened to Dell. They have signed a deal of six figures with a company who deals with web hosting in Ireland. The name of

How to make the Video Games much more interesting and engaging

Star Wars: The old Republic is a game made by Electronic Arts, and the game is allowed to play for $15 a month. Well, the response of the players

Asus G55VW-S12116H first gaming laptop which can run on Windows 8

Last week ACI Technology launched the first gaming laptop running on Windows 8. This has been launched mainly targeting the local gaming society. In Brunei the Asus products are