Best 6 iPhone Games

If you’ve bought an iPhone for yourself, you should avoid getting trapped in the App Store. Let me help you, what’s on the top of iPhone’s game chart. The below games reflect the iPhone gaming a fun. If you like to earn while playing, there’s no better way to play William Hill Virtual Betting App. Here’s my list of top 6 iPhone games to kill your time.

Angry Birds Star Wars

The Angry Birds Star Wars is the newest variant of Rovio. The game has everything to make star war’s enthusiasts happy. Star Wars is a good match for game addicts, while it is not a food for the children.

Bad Hotel

Bad Hotel is a comedy, tower-defense game. It is considered to be the most stylish game, allowing you building a hotel that shoots monsters. It is a well-created iPhone game and plays superbly. The players keep on loading rooms upon rooms to build a hotel, as opponents go on violent. Some of the rooms shoot the enemies, while others repair the damaged rooms and collect money from guests. Each level of Bad Hotel is packed with monsters. The music amuses you as you build your hotel; it beats with music that is contoured to complement your tower. Adding a room twists the soundtrack. Bad Hotel for iPhone is a good match for those who love something artistic and are interested in music, however it is not loveable for those who are allergic to music and thrill.

Drop 7

Drop 7 is a numerical puzzle game which is considered to be another perfect blockbuster. As dropping numbers settle on a 7×7 grid, players require them to vanish by corresponding the number of vertical or horizontal gaps with the digit. It is a boring game but when you are aware of the tools, it is immersive. Drop 7 is good for anyone who expends plenty of time on discussing things. However, it is not welcoming for those who spend a lot of time playing with iPhone apps.

Ghost Trick

Ghost Trick is a simple iPhone puzzle game offering amazing style, trendy animation and a rightly emotive story. It is excellent for people who like funny stories, animations and music.

Hero Academy

Hero Academy for iPhone is a competitive strategy game that set in opposition two people’s virtual teams of imaginative adventurers in opposition to each other. The battle-field forces you with the loot that can power up the characters. The game design of Hero Academy is unique as it gives ample time to players to plot out the perfect turn. Hero Academy is perfect for those who love playing chess while it won’t be good for those who want to reserve troops.


Horn holds the ‘triple A’ console title, where a juvenile arouses to search the territory swarmed by huge stone creatures that were once considered to be human. The boy after finding out the ways to fake magical weapons to fail the crystal nuisance, gets on the mission to bring back beefiness to people. This game is good for real action role playing gamers.