BlackBerry’s best finance apps

BlackBerry prices are low right now. Anticipation for the release of BlackBerry 10 (RIM’s next big Operating System update) has kept prices down on blockbuster handsets such as the BlackBerry Bold 3 smartphone. What better time to economise? The new year is in: make a fresh start with some of these great finance apps.


  1. 1.  eWallet for BlackBerry ($9.99)

Keeping track of PINs, passwords, security questions and the endless quixotic codes that come along with any online-faring financial lifestyle is a challenge for anyone. Happily, there’s an app waiting to help you with that. Though jotting all your important details down in the same location is about as modern a taboo as speeding, eWallet has a hidden special feature to help keep you safe: 256-bit encryption, used by government agencies and banks to keep their info secret. So, finally, an unbreakable, unstealable wallet. For less than ten dollars. Bargain.


eWallet is also exceptionally well designed: the user interface is slick, with some of the best graphic design we’ve ever seen in a BlackBerry app. You can sync with your PC for a further ten dollars, although there is no Mac option right now.


  1. 2.  SplashMoney 4.8 ($29.95)

The best apps will always carry the highest price tags, and SplashMoney is no exception. Referred to by TopTenReviews as “exceptionally capable”, the application can record and analyse your financial transactions using industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption: an obscuring layer that’s not yet been cracked, according to the various financial institutions that deploy it wholesale across all their transaction lines.


SplashMoney claims to link directly in to your bank accounts to keep instant, hassle-free tabs on your spending. It also claims to be globally relevant; maker SplashData’s website has user reviews from all around the world. Give it a try: please report back in the comments if you have issues from your location.


  1. 3.  powerOne ($49.95)

It’s by far the most expensive app on the list, but powerOne is arguably the most widely relevant application of our three. The premise? Financial decisions are hard to make without a solid understanding of what may be impenetrably complex circumstances. powerOne aims to take the guessing out of the game with thirteen decision-focused functions. There’s one for mortgages, one for inflation, one for profit margins, ‘break-even’ points: every financial situation with which your average consumer could possibly be faced.


Although this app might not help you to keep track of your spending, it will definitely help you to approach future spending with an efficient, accessible in-pocket strategy prepared. If you’re looking to spend less, and save more, powerOne should probably be on your phone. Perhaps you can use some of the savings from the affordable BlackBerry price to offset the rather sizable price tag….


Have you found any apps that have helped you to tighten up, cut back and make savings? If so, please let us know in the comment section below!