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4 Mistakes That Expose Your Computer To Viruses And Other Types Of Malware

Malware have been wreaking havoc for some time now, yet not everyone is concerned about the destruction they can do. They bring about damaged hard drives, stolen identities, emptied

Choosing An Information Security and Training Provider – What To Look For

Carry out a quick web search right now and chances are you’ll be presented with literally thousands of providers offering ‘professional’ information security packages and training courses. The reason

VPN Cost Savings Advantages

Apart from data and information security advantages, VPNs also help organizations and individuals cut down the cost of running their businesses in ways described in this article. A very

Don’t Be A Data Hoarder: Store Only What You Need

Data hoarding is becoming a costly problem for enterprises. Compounding the issue is the difficulty of slowing down the data gathering. Part of the problem is that data gathering

How To Protect Your Health Records & What To Do If They’re Compromised

The right to have our medical records and healthcare information protected is an idea that we’re all pretty much undivided on. It’s also a topic that spurs powerful emotions

What Services Security Company Offers To It’s Customers

Hiring a Security Company means relaxation from many burdens as such concerns facilitate various services that would just delight the customers. Infallible Security Equipped with large experience in the

The Most Vulnerable Software Revealed – Are You Using Any of These Five?

Secunia, a leader in the field of IT security, has created a major buzz in the IT world with its Secunia Vulnerability Review 2013. Highlighting the weaknesses of different

How to use a VOIP VPN Service to Make your Conversation Private

The VoIP technology has become quite popular among many people, particularly business owners. It provides a more convenient and cost-effective means of communication. However, several users worry about security

Penetration Testing Explained

It seems every day there is a breaking story about a security breach at a major corporation or government agency. Horror stories abound of compromised credit card accounts, medical

Attention Grabbing Computer Viruses

Showing us how susceptible we have become, is the mystifying computer virus. It has a way of getting our attention. In fact, a virus can capture the attention of

Android Security: an Important Issue to Tackle

There is a growing problem about the security of the Android system nowadays. More people are getting caught up in fraudulent schemes, and companies are actually receiving a lot

An update on attempted man-in-the-middle attacks

Today we accustomed letters of attempted SSL man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks adjoin Google users, whereby addition approved to get amid them and encrypted Google services. The bodies afflicted were primarily