Check Features Of Cell Phone Spy Software Before Buying

Most of us are a little confused when it comes to shopping for cell phone spy software because it is a relatively new invention that few of us have any direct experience with.  So before you run out and spend money on some advanced mobile monitoring application like iPhone or Android Spy Software, it is important to first understand which features you truly need.  And to know which cell phone spy software features are needed, you need to decide which activities you want to monitor.


Where The Cell Phone is At Any Given Time

If you are most interested in where a loved one is taking their mobile device each day, then look for more advanced monitoring apps like Android Spy Software that includes these two features:


  • Real Time Location Tracking: On more advanced cell phone spy software, you can track specific mobile phone location at any given time even when traditional GPS fails using this advanced surveillance tool.
  • Historical Location Tracking: Most cell surveillance apps like Nokia or Android spy software also includes a Historical location tracking feature that will pull-up a map that tracks cell phone movement so you can see where the phone has been during any given time period.


Who People Are Talking To with the Cell Phone

For anyone interested in learning who a loved one is talking to on their mobile phone, be sure to download and install cell phone spy software that includes:


  • Contact Details: Most mobile spy apps like Android Spy Software include features like Contact Details which allow you to see all information in the monitored phone’s Contact area including Name, Address, etc.
  • Call Details: If someone’s info. isn’t already stored in the Contacts area, then this cell phone spy software feature will provide you with the phone number and call time for all phone calls.
  • Reverse Phone Look-Up: Some of the more sophisticated mobile monitoring tools like Android Spy Software include Reverse Phone Look-Up which identifies people even when Caller ID can’t.


What Information is Being Relayed

To track and monitor all communications, you need cell phone spy software with several surveillance tools, including:


  • Text, IM, Photo, and Video Log: For most effective monitoring of cell communications, be sure to only use cutting edge applications like iPhone or Android Spy Software that has surveillance tools for monitoring all Texts, IM’s, Photo’s, and Videos.
  • Call Recording: You can listen to recordings of actual phone calls using this tool found in most high quality cell phone spy software applications.
  • Spy Mode: Some of the more sophisticated mobile monitoring applications will allow you to remotely activate the microphone so you can listen live to the cell phone’s surroundings.


As you can see, the features you need for any cell phone spy software suite will ultimately depend on what mobile phone activities you wish to monitor.



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