Choose Your Double Glazing to Maximize Insulation

What do you know about your double glazing? Is it a good phonetic or thermal insulation? Discover through this article all the advantages of a good double glazing in your housing.

The thermal and acoustic performance of your home depends largely on the choice of your window. Choosing double glazing allows you to improve the insulation of your home, and therefore reduce your energy consumption. All you need to know about this type of glazing so much appreciated by the owners.

What is double glazing?

In renovation or in new constructions, the double glazing remains a sure value to well isolate a house. It is a glazed structure composed of a double pane into which is injected a blade of air or krypton whose quantity varies from one model to another. The performance of double glazing depends on the size and quality of the blade. The air or gas injected between the two panes ensures excellent thermal insulation.

Choose between double glazing and simple glazing

The choice between double glazing and simple glazing is made according to the budget and the expectations of each. If the single glazing constitutes only one glass plate with a thickness of 4 to 6 mm, the double glazing is a superimposition of 2 glass plates of 4 mm each. Its thermal performance is further enhanced by a 16 or 12 mm air cushion. This last option becomes a reference in terms of thermal insulation thanks to its large thickness and this air or gas blade.

Thermal and sound insulation

In terms of thermal insulation, you will have the choice between different types of double glazing, but the most widespread models remain on 4/16/4 and 4/12/4. To better understand the insulating performance of a double glazing, you can refer to the insulation coefficient U. The closer it gets to 0, the better the performance of the glass. You can also opt for the model with ITR or with reinforced thermal insulation, during the replacement double glazing Paris. Regarding sound insulation, the only outer glass has a significant thickness ranging from 4 to 10 mm. The air gap, on the other hand, varies between 16 and 10 mm. This model greatly reduces external noise. Better to choose the double soundproofing 4/10/10 or the double glazing with reinforced insulation for an optimal result. A glazing company in Paris can advise you.

Laminated double glazing

In addition, the laminated double glazing is also ideal to reinforce the safety of a double glazing. These are two or more single glasses stacked with plastic films. This device protects people against ice breakage and also against external intrusion and vandalism. Its thermal and acoustic performances are not to be outdone thanks to the double glazing and the laminate. The double-glazed laminate promises two times more security.