Classic Games You Can Play Free Online

Gamers love to revisit the games and genres of their past, and while some opt to spend hundreds of dollars on old systems and games, there are other options as well. Online gaming is a major pastime these days, and many online games offer you the nostalgia of old games without the price tag. Many of your favorite classics are out there, if you know where to look and what you’re looking for.


Pac-Man games and variants are some of the most common games you’ll find on the internet. Pac-Man is one of the oldest and most beloved game characters, and so it’s no surprise that many game creators have sought to imitate or pay tribute to him in their own creations. The game is simple yet addicting, and the format can be adapted to many different styles and stories, and for those reasons dozens of copycat games exist. If you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia and retro-style fun, Pac-Man games are one of the best places to go.

Super Mario

Just as famous as Pac-Man, Mario is also a prominent character in online gaming communities. Mario games are probably the second most common type of classic game you’ll find online. Not all of them are in the style and format of the original games, and yet if you’re open minded you’ll find that the spinoffs and adaptations can be just as fun. Mario and his friends have starred in many online games, and if you like to play online games why not try a few that have your favorite characters?


Sonic the Hedgehog is almost like the opposite of Mario, the alternative, the competition. Sonic is Sega’s response to one of the most popular characters/franchises of all time, and he has reached almost an equal level of fame and popularity. There haven’t been as many Sonic the Hedgehog games as there were Mario games, yet the character is just as well known and just as beloved. If Sonic is the favorite character from your childhood, then you might be delighted to find that you can play such online games featuring your beloved blue hedgehog absolutely free, at

Online Sonic games tend to be more similar to the originals than most other classics, and for that reason they can be even more enjoyable. With a quick online search you can race through the levels and do battle with the same bosses as the old Sonic games.

Instead of spending money on old systems and vintage games from the past, you can have hours of fun with your favorite characters when you play online games.