Cutting Costs on Web Hosting to Meet your Budget

The cost of starting a business, blog, or personal website can become overwhelming. With most companies and individuals working with a budget, you look for any way to cut costs and save money. If you are building a site, there are a few ways to save on design and hosting services to work with your budget and still get the site you wanted. Here are a few ways you can cut costs without cutting out features.

Pay for what you need:

Many design and hosting services offer extra features than many don’t need. If you know what you want your site to look like and the features you want to include, take the time to contact the hosting company and find out what extras you are paying for that you don’t need. If you are paying for additional storage or services that your site simply doesn’t need, you can find it more cost effective to lower your plan.

Start Off Slow:

When we plan a site or blog, we all have hopes and aspirations of thousands of visitors visiting the site daily. However, when you are just starting out, this is never the case. Start with a lower plan in the start of your site and don’t pay for the visitors that haven’t found your site yet. If your site grows in the future you can easily change to a new level to allow for the new popularity.

Use a Template:

If you are looking for a low cost solution to designing your site, try using a template. Most hosting companies have a large library of pre-designed and fully customizable templates that can be used to get your site up cheaply and quickly. You will have the ability to change the colors, images, layouts and menu buttons to match your needs and wants. This is a cost effective way to keep your site within budget and not break the bank on design.

Use your Own Images:

If you decide to let a design firm build your site, use your own images. Many firms will charge extra for either taking pictures or creating images to use on your site. This is an additional cost that can be avoided easily with a little creativity or talent.

Another option is to purchase images from an amateur photographer or use images found online for free. Sites such as and have free images that are available for use. These images can be used in many cases without the need to give attribution to the photographer.

Web design and hosting can add up quickly. Those who are working with a tight budget may need to cut corners and get rid of the extra costs. Don’t overpay for your site and put your business or bank account in jeopardy. Use the internet to find as many free options as possible to keep the cost of your site down.

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