Enumerating Technologically Enhanced Home Security Techniques

Home security involves the pertinent aspects of keeping the dwelling safe from the factors lurching outside or even from the aspects inside the house. Technology has paved the way for making some well equipped devices which in turn have optimized the issues related to home security considerably. The use of electronic sensors alongside extinguishers can help detect and pacify conditions associated with home security. Some of the noted mentions include the use of alarms which can send loud indications thus by rendering any attack harmlessly. These devices are the best answers to the many techniques deployed by the burglars to break inside the house. Some effective detectors need to be included in the household chores to help indicate any life threatening danger by getting it detected and thus averted effectively.


                                         Holistic home security techniques

Alarm Based Devices

The noted mentions related to alarm based indication involves the siren padlock. This method involves a device which has some noted attributes attached to it. Siren padlock is completely made up of aluminum which in turn facilitates the locking of the desired vehicle of product. The burglars find it difficult to break through this mechanism which is highly resistive in nature. On getting tampered this sends out a blare or an alarm ranging around 110DB.

Another device which is based on alarming is the doorway wedge system which is used at the entrance. This is also difficult to break in and sends out a high pitched alarm which allows the neighbors and the inhabitants of the dwelling get vigilant.

Surveillance Devices

These involve the effective usage of cameras which can be installed at specified positions to facilitate strict vigilance. The ones purchased come with installation software and personalized screens to record the specified events. Often fake cameras can also be used to give the indication of being watched to the encroachers by thus avoiding trespassing. These fake devices have LED lights attached to them which blink at the required times allowing the household remain safe at all times.

The driveway patrolling based devices are also being used extensively. These can be based on the cameras or some selected motion sensors giving the correct indication of the acts of encroachments involved. These involve specialized sensors including specialized transistors or MOSFETs which have amplifying characteristic and thus effectively helping in the detection. These can be established at the selective parking lots and also at home exteriors.


These are mostly used inside the house involving effective detection of issues which can later be life threatening. These include special catalytic detectors which are technically enhanced and ably detect the issues related to gas and other detections effectively. These devices are based on the process of adsorption and involve the oxidation of the involved chemical. They can be both catalytic and sensor based devices which can detect gas leakages or any electrical malfunction quite readily. Smoke detectors can also be used to detect instances on fire inside the building.

                                  Cross sectional view of the smoke detectors


We can thus infer that strengthening the issues related to home security can go a long way in optimizing the state of well being by allowing the inhabitants to lead a tension free life as the technological advances come up with the age.


Home security can be readily enhanced by using technologically equipped methods which in turn smoothen out the anomalies associated with the same.

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