GPS Navigation: How To Put Your Name On It

There is something very fortunate about the marriage of cars and gadgets every tech-savvy car driver simply cannot resist. That, however, does not mean that every upgrade we make is there to be eye-candy or to put us on the hi-tech map. Some of them, like GPS navigation, are, in fact, so useful that it is very hard to imagine our lives without them. But, how many of us use this important tool properly? Sure, we all know how to set it up to get us from point A to point B, but let us see how we can make GPS navigations truly our own.

Make Sure Satellite Data is Loaded Successfully

In order for your GPS device to work properly, it will first have to gather the info from the satellites orbiting the Earth. Do your best to leave it under open sky for at least 20 minutes before traveling, or park the car in the opened space 20 minutes if you are already on the road and notice that receiving data is taking too long. Alternatively, you can use “new location” option to give your unit some idea of the part of the world you are in, and speed up this process.

GPS Navigation: How To Put Your Name On It

Learn About Different GPS Options

Today’s GPS units are offering huge numbers of different functions, ranging from the ones we came to expect like voice guided  navigation, to some more fancy options like showing the position of the best restaurants in the area, or red lights with cameras.  So, if you are buying some quality GPS navigation, make sure to ask the seller to show you all the neat tricks it features, and do not hesitate to play with them later.

Do Your Research before Buying

That, however does not mean that you want, or you are going to use any of these options, so paying for them does not make much sense, does it? That is why it is very important to do thorough research, and compare all the devices on the table. Do not worry, they are very easy to find, so you will have no problem checking at least few stores to compare different products and opinions, but it is still recommended that you take a look at few forums and online reviews to get the clearer picture, too.

Protect Your GPS from Thieves

GPS units are very small, and easy to pick up, so if you leave them in your car they can become the target of thieves. To make things even worse, thieves will have to break your car’s window or doors and make the damage even greater. Therefore, you should do your best to always take your GPS unit with you when you are leaving the car, remove the suction cup mount and wipe away telltale marks (you can even completely replace this type with friction mount).

GPS Navigation: How To Put Your Name On It

Update Maps and Firmware

People usually buy their GPS navigations and take their set of options and preloaded maps for granted, but that is a big mistake. Instead, we should treat these devices like we treat our smartphones, and constantly look for new firmware and map updates. Not only they are useful; in the case of maps, they can make or break the entire experience. So, plug your GPS to PC whenever you can, run the update application and see if there is anything new.

These were few tips that should make choosing and using your GPS navigation much easier, and more pleasant. Be sure to check them, use them, and finally make the most of all the things these gadgets can do.