How to Copy Protected DVD to a new DVD Disc on Mac or Backup Protected DVD to Mac

1. What is a protected DVD?

A protected DVD is a DVD movie that contains CSS or Content Scrambling System, which is a digital rights management to protect commercial DVD movies. Manufacturers or producers use CSS keys set which is a collective term for authentication key, player key, title key, disc key, second disk key, and / or encryption key to protect content s disc being duplicated by unauthorized persons.

2. Is it possible to copy Protected against Mac?

There are several programs to copy protected DVD s for windows, as DVD43, DVD Decrypted. But when you want to copy protected DVD on Mac system will be difficult.

Do not worry. DVD Backup for Mac will be your best choice. That s able to remove DVD protections including CSS, RC and RCE, then you can copy protected DVD to Mac and portable hard drives creating. ISO image, VIDEO_TS folder and file. Dvdmedia without loss of quality. You can also burn your DVD movies to new DVD discs without protection.

This article is devoted to show how to backup copyright-protected DVD movie to your computer and copy DVD to a new DVD disc without protection on Mac OS X (including Snow Leopard).

Free Download DVD Backup for Mac

Step 1 Insert the DVD protected after the program started, the program will remind you to insert the DVD disc. Note: This DVD copy program support to compress a dual layer DVD (DVD-9) movie into a single-layer disc DVD-R / W (DVD-5).

Step 2 Select the output method you can copy your DVD movie to a new DVD disc or backup your DVD movie as VIDEO_TS /. Dvdmedia /. ISO on a Mac

Step 3 Start the DVD copy protected after everything is set, you can begin copying your protected DVD movies to new DVD disc or backup your DVD movie to view on your Mac

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