How to Train for Your MCSE Exam – The Secrets of Success

What is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)?

A Microsoft Certified System Engineer is an individual who has attained a high level of experience and expertise in Microsoft Systems and has validated their skills and experience through taking the MCSE exams.

Why take the MCSE?

In the ever increasingly competitive IT job market it is becoming more and more important to stay ahead of the crowd.  The MCSE is a highly sort after qualification which will show potential employers that you have the skills they are looking for. Many employers and recruitment consultants actually search for MCSE when seeking and selecting candidates, so by having this qualification on your CV you are more likely to be contacted and invited to interviews. The MCSE is considered one of the most recognized vendor certifications in the world and is worth its weight in gold in terms of making you more employable for better roles.

 What MSE paths are available?

The most current MCSE paths are:

  • MCSE – Windows Server 2012
  • MCSE – Private Cloud
  • MCSE – SQL Server 2012

 What is the best way to train for my MCSE exams?

There are many ways to train for your MCSE to suit any budget and time restraints. It is important to consider which method is best for you and remember that you can choose multiple options in order to develop your own fully comprehensive training plan.

Classroom-based training:

Undoubtedly the most comprehensive but time consuming is to take time out and go to a classroom-based training course through a recognized provider. This means you get the attention you require and can cover off significant chunks of the syllabus over a matter of days or weeks. Often you can even take the exams at the end and many companies offer free retakes. However classroom based training is costly and time consuming and you may not have the budget or time to set aside for a classroom-based course.

Online course / self-study

Another more cost effective and time efficient option is to sign up for an online course and study through the modules at your own pace. Online content is often either immediately downloadable or available from anywhere online so you can study at your own pace and get going straight away. Many providers will assign you a tutor who will be able to check your practice assignments and guide your learning to ensure you get the best out of the course.


 Microsoft provider online learning content in their learning centre and there are many books available on the MCSE. Some course providers offer self-study courses and will send you all the relevant materials, disks and information to help you pass your test. These are cheaper than classroom-based courses but still can be quite expensive but have the advantage of being fully comprehensive.

Question and Answer Guides

If you are fairly well versed in the MCSE skill set and want a budget solution that you can take anywhere, online instantly downloadable exam question and answer guides can be invaluable. These list all the known MCSE exam questions and give the correct answer so you can be sure you know exactly which option to choose and what is likely to come up. They are great as practice tests and most are available in PDF format so can be downloaded onto any device with Adobe Acrobat reader installed so you can take them anywhere.


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