Linksys WUSBF54G Product Review

There are thousands of great and functional USB network adapters out in the market today that serve our every Wifi need. They are convenient, versatile and trustworthy. Companies make sure that you get the best functionality for every cent you spend on their USB Wifi adapters, that is why the Linksys WUSBF54G is such a nifty product. It can work with wireless 802.11b and g technology and includes lots of other doodads that, despite its let downs, really makes it worth your cash. It features an on-board Wifi network scanner that shows you up to 15 network connections and displays basic information like SSID and signal strength. Right now you would be thinking that “Wait, what if my laptop only has USB ports in the most inconvenient places?” well, it has you covered with its docking stand that comes with a long USB cord so you can place it wherever you want around your laptop if you prefer not to socket it into your rather inconvenient USB ports.   It is pretty light and compact, much of what you would expect from a USB stick that lets you magically connect to the internet with signals.  The LCD screen is powered by a minute battery inside the USB adapter that charges whenever you plug it into your PC. It’s a rather novel solution for functioning as a Wifi connection scanner. It works well in every environment, and does a great job of telling you whether or not there are Wifi connections you can take advantage of. It’s got pretty solid signal strengths when it works and is compatible with any operating system

It does, however, come with its own personal flaws. It isn’t totally reliable and may fail you when it chooses to inconvenience you at the most ungodly times. It may feature a very easy and quick installation process but some users have been complaining that it just plain stops working after a week or two.  It depends on whether or not you have the patience for a grueling troubleshooting procedure and that really need the extra scanning functionality. If not, you are better off buying a more reliable Belkin USB wireless network adapter and suffer a frustrating installation process but have it working wonderfully in the end. The LCD scanner display is rendered useless when plugged into a port, and only shows a charging battery icon so the functionality is hindered a bit. The price makes up for its little quirks, however, costing just about $90 you get a hot-spot scanner and a wireless network adapter rolled into one nifty package.