My Experience With the iPad POS system

While I consider myself to be fairly technologically educated, I do find that often a new gadget, gizmo or app will escape my notice for quite some time. Often it is not until it is everywhere that I realize what I have been missing and jump on the bandwagon. Occasionally, though, I see something that I just know is going to be the next craze. Such is the case with the new iPad POS systems that are springing up everywhere.


My first experience with the iPad POS system was in a cute little coffee shop. The coffee shop has been there for a little over a year and has been steadily growing. I stopped in one one day and I was surprised when the cashier flipped the screen of her iPad over to face me. There was my order, payment and tip options in a clear, easy to understand program.


Over the past year I have seen these great new technologies springing up everywhere. I payed with my debit card at the Kona Ice truck at my kids pop warner game. I bought fresh produce from my farmers market with my iPhone. I began thinking about how I could use the iPad POS system for my own business. I design jewelry, crafts and gifts. I sell my products to local businesses, vendors, on the web, and to the general public at street fairs and farmers markets.


I was just beginning to pick up enough business that I needed to get myself organized. I started out with a free trial of a system that was recommended to me, and I instantly fell in love with it. Not only is the software easy to use, it is easy to understand. As an added bonus, my customers love it, they tell me it has helped me to go from an amatuer to a professional in my trade, and as we all know, in business, image is everything.


My iPad POS system is one of the best investments I have made for my business. Not only is it less expensive than traditional systems, I can take it everywhere I go. I no longer have to try to keep track of books of receipts or figure out how to get all of my expenses to fit into a spreadsheet, it is all done for me, saving me money, time and stress.