Production Planning and Scheduling Software – Reduce Costs and Achieve Customer Satisfaction

Planning and scheduling software provides the manufacturers a simple and easy to read the graphical view of the various departments and work areas. On a single screen you can keep a track of your inventories and work on the action plan. It also helps to schedule your production, meet deadlines, and allocate work to precise employees.

Benefits for Manufacturing Process

  • Saves time
  • Boosts production efficiency
  • Cuts raw material costs
  • Enhances customer service quality

The production planning software organizes all the manufacturing process automatically enhancing the productivity.

How Does Planning and Scheduling Software Cut the Manufacturing Costs?

Increased efficiency:

The tool creates production program that facilitates your employees to start working in a systematized manner. Prior to starting any project, you get to know the status of the materials and resources necessary to conclude the job on-time.

Make sure that everything is available, so that there are no delays between the jobs. With every work allocated in a proper manner, you will not loss any time.

Switching of resources:

The data is updated regularly, so you can access any information without any delay. The apparent graphical display can help you to switch employees, in case of absence of ant staff members. It allows them to use the skills in the best possible manner.

Solves problems:

Problems can be identified early, so action can be taken to resolve on a timely manner. It allows the team to continue their work, uninterruptedly. If the delivery of materials is delayed, you get to know about it instantly.

Fortunately, you can easily move the work around, so that things keep running smoothly. The application spots such issues and resolves them. Thus with accurate information you can effortlessly administer your business.

Imagine what it would mean in just 1 % decrease in labour cost!

How Manufacturers Can Diminish Material Costs Using Planning & Scheduling Software?

The costs of raw materials have swelled over the years. They continue to be challenging for manufacturers of every sizes. Using the strategy created by the software raw material costs can be condensed.

  1. Reduces purchase costs – With a more accurate production strategy the buyers can dedicate their time and purchase accurate quantity of materials beforehand. So, that the issues regarding shortage of materials cannot be encountered at the end moment.
  2. Lessen wastage costs – Materials that are bought, but not used are to be marginalized as wastage costs. The extra stock becomes outdated and ties up your cash. Using planning software you can cut wastage costs.
  3. Diminishes storage management costs – If the materials are kept onsite for long, then it increases the management cost. But the planning software allows you to calculate the definite material flow and the necessary stock are kept closer. Thus the cost of maintaining materials gets reduced.

Imagine what it would mean in just 1 % decrease in material cost!

How to Enhance Customer Service with Planning and Scheduling Software?

The software provides great customer service through satisfaction and commitment.

  1. Offers delivery assurance – The manufacturers can see the exact status of the resources and will know when to deliver them more accurately, before making delivery promises. The customer’s project can be tracked from the beginning till the on-time delivery. In case of issues, manufacturers can recognize it and resolve it instantly.
  2. Updated information – The customers attains up-to date information about the progress of their project. If the customers require some changes to be made in their project then the software helps to reschedule the orders quickly and displays the impact on the concluding time, cost, and delivery.
  3. Quality and profits – The product quality can be improved, because most of the obstacles during the production process are eliminated. The employees are also able complete their projects on time, and they don’t have to face the work related stress of lagging behind on their deadlines. You can continue to offer reasonable prices, to attract more customers. Your profit margins will surely start showing an upward trend.

Imagine what the amount of few percent savings can mean – a lot in the end!

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