Samsung Galaxy S7: The New Road Of Samsung

With the new launched Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung has proved that its future would be bright and full if new dominant devices for example, the recent rumoured Samsung Galaxy S7, the super phone of 2016. Also, with the smartphone series, Samsung has various plans for the phablet series of Galaxy Note Edge.

In the Galaxy S6, while walking on the steps of Apple iPhone, Samsung has not given the removable battery and the microSD card slot; the sad thing is it, yes! However, it is still half woes. The saddest thing is that Samsung has deprived smartphone memory card slot. Even metal series “Galaxy A” features this slot, but he has not got the flagship. For the first time in the history of Samsung, that’s why Apple has been copied exactly in this moment? There are lots more question with the controversial launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6, however Samsung may not have answers, and this would be surely improved, as the Samsung Galaxy S7 would be announced in the 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7: The New Road Of Samsung

Still at Galaxy S6 there is less capacity battery than the previous flagship – only 2550 mAh. Galaxy S4 offers a battery 2600 mAh, Galaxy S5 – 2800 mAh, so why such a setback here, first of all, because of the thickness and weight – reduction in the thickness. And besides, Galaxy S6 was so perfect “iron” that the reduction in the total capacity of the battery will not affect the battery of the device. More precisely, it will be about, like Galaxy Note 4. And so we must add that the Galaxy S6 has built in wireless charging. Well, not the actual charge, and the necessary elements are built into the lid – charging-stand will have to buy separately. Earlier, we had to change the back cover. Something good we can say, it would also appear in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and other manufactures are also going to pick this thing.

So what happened? Galaxy S6 with more new design is not received, but got new body materials: metal and glass. Yes it has Strong resemblance to the iPhone 6. The smartphone has become even thinner and lighter, but lost a slot for microSD memory cards and received less capacious battery. Have not forgotten anything? Ah yes; now he works with nanoSIM – again, for the first time among the flagships of Samsung. Well, its not about walking on the same path of iPhone, Samsung has different plans and it would be surely reflected by the next launch Samsung Galaxy S7.

At MWC 2015 in addition to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge was presented a lot of new cases for smartphones. Some are made in the format of a notebook-cover for Galaxy S6. Some are equipped with a large window, while others have dot perforations over the entire cover. And Samsung will also launch Galaxy S7 Edge as of S6 Edge, with better display and configuration.