Sony ICF38 Portable AM FM Review

Portability and efficiency is a little AM/FM Radio package Undoubtedly, portability in all aspects of life adds convenience and value to any item. The Sony ICF38 Portable AM/FM Radio makes the assertion that it achieves both. Regardless of the severity of weather conditions or times of power outages, it can be useable.


Basically pocket sized and light weight, the Sony ICF38 also has a handle for portability and can be taken outdoors or between home and office without being cumbersome.  In today’s society where conveniece is the driving point for consumers, not being limited to a particular time or place is essential. Taking something such as AM/FM radio prectically anywhere you go will is an added bonus to this acquisition.


There is an ease with which stations can be found as its LED panel allows for illumination.With 4 AA batteries, the Sony ICF38 promises up to 8 hours of usage with continued play.It might be argued that an AM/FM tuner is limited and archaic technology, but Sony has incorporated a telescopic antennae on the Sony ICF38 portable radio which increase the stability and range of the radio’s reception. Added to this, LED display shows exact frequency for best reception.


In comparison to other portable radios in this price range, its reception is far better.Has power cord inbuilt which means it does not require a seperate wall-wart to connect the radio with the AC outlet.A hinged battery slot cover to prevent it being lost.


Its controls allow for the owner to choose high/low tone, AM/FM switch, different tuning and volume wheels and of course a power switch. The ICF38 boasts a 24″ antennae that does complete rotation for maximum reception.


When one also considers thew price and size of the Sony ICF38, the speaker has a pretty outstanding tone quality. This will mean further range in times when the owner is doing some Saturday afternoon chores and moving around a wide area. This radio entertains without being distracting as it doesn’t require much attention to do its job. Just place it on a ledge, or in a pocket and then proceed with tasks or duties to be performed. It is quite stable, it will not flip over at a slight breeze.


As it relates to the audio smootheness or tone of the radio, it can be a little flat. However, at the same time, it manages to remain clear once the dial is set on the correct station.One of the main drawbacks with the Sony ICF38 is based on very idea of portability. This is the fact that at times the owner may need to use a headset depending on the location. With the earphone, only one speakert plays, it is mono-tone. In today’s world that will assuredly affect a consumer’s choice!


Additionally, persons have been quite used to radios having display areas especially with the development in LED technology and the Sony ICF38 does not have this. The Sony ICF38 does not have a digital clock either. Again, these will affect its marketability. At the same time, the very absence of these features are a plus when battery life is considered. The AA batteries will then be able to maximize on power.


Overall, the Sony ICF38 comes true on all its product potential. Its portable, light, cost and energy efficient.  It has a wide frequency and its controls are easy to manipulate.