The New Approach For Online Businesses

If there is something many internet marketers have learned in this year that is the fact that Google is not ready to let marketers using cheap and low value tactics to get all the success they want. There wasn’t only the Penguin update, but also the Panda update (thirteen of them) and a crackdown on low quality EMDs or exact match domains. Even though no one can predict Google’s next changes in the search engine optimisation in Brisbane world, one thing is for sure: this is not over. With that being said, what can internet marketers do in order to¬†protect themselves in 2013?


Marketing diversification

This year it seems that plenty of internet marketers started thinking about marketing in a much broader than they usually do, but not as a way of tricking users into liking them, but actually as a way of building a better SEO campaign for themselves. And this is actually the heart of RCS. When people do something and they believe in it, they will eventually have success with it. However, when they build crap and they are aware of this, marketing becomes sleight of hand which they hope to pull on the unsuspecting. Even though they will manage stealing 20 dollars from someone, they will not be able to convert them into a lifetime client.

2013 is all about making a real resolution and thinking about doing things that have value. When internet marketers understand their value proposition, marketing and content will naturally flow out of that. They should thus start discussing with individuals outside marketing and search engine optimisation teams. They should basically find out what their company does that’s exciting, unique and also resonates with customers.


Diversifying the point of view

A great example in this is Michael Dorausch who is a well known figure in the local search engine optimisation community and also a chiropractor. He arrived in Tampa and after that started building his presentation from nothing to something really amazing and unique, by making use of photography in order to tell stories about local history and his neighborhood. In just forty eight hours, he managed to come up with amazingly fresh and effective ideas, because he had a fresh perspective and was passionate about the subject. Many of the people in the room were amazed, but also ashamed they weren’t able to come up with any great original ideas like he did.

He said that in 2013 internet marketers need to consider a new approach with their business. If they are bored by what they do, their customers will also feel that and it’s going to get reflected in their profits. It’s important internet marketers find the spark they lost maybe many years ago and come up with new and fresh ideas that will get everyone interested in their business once again. Having someone to take them for a tour of a place they like very much or just on a tour of their office in a way they were never able to experience, can easily trigger the inspiration juices to start flowing.