The Next Motorola DROID BIONIC Smartphone To receive Jelly Bean

If you are a Motorola fun then there is great news for you. There will be a perfect upgrade that will come with unique functionality and great features in the Motorola Droid Bionic Smartphone.

This particular DROID BIONOC by the Motorola will be getting upgraded to Android 4 very soon and it is expected to serve you better and come in with very unique qualities.

This information was announced by the Verizon Wireless where they confirmed that the upgrade will feature Motorola Droid Bionic in phases that will be delivered over the air starting from today with the first phases being distributed over the air.

If you have been waiting for a better Smartphone with unique qualities from the Motorola then you need to be very happy because the upgrading has already started and the phases are getting into your use sooner than you expected.

When to expect the start of the upgrade

The Android 4.0 upgraded Operating System will get to the customers for the DROID BIONIC by the Motorola devices in phases starting the 19th of October. This new upgraded device will come into the market after you get all the details of the upgrade through the phases and therefore it will be very perfect and of high quality.

This software upgrade will get pushed to the users in different phases and this will start from today the 15th of April and upcoming devices of the Motorola will start having the upgrade as they come in the market from the month of October as mentioned earlier.
This is giving you ample time to get ready for the launch so that you will be able to purchase the new upgraded device.

The unique features that will be brought about by the upgrading include

This will include the upgraded functionality that will enhance the usability of the DOID BIONIC and bring up some new features.
The new device will have a direct access lock that will definitely take you to the text messages, camera, and key pad or unlock screen and this will be able to provide direct access to the users mostly accessed functionalities of the device.

There will also feature the enhanced notifications window with a new swipe that will be able to dismiss the functionality.
It will also allow for very easy creation of folders where you will just drop one app on top of another to create the folders easily and conveniently.

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