Top Ten Tech Info Sites

Technology keeps advancing every passing day. In order to keep up with the latest, you need to know the most up to date websites. The most important quality in a technology website is the information contained and the language used. Here are the top 10 tech websites around today. In these sites you can access all information for your technology related queries.

10. My fav things

This is one of the most interesting upcoming tech websites. All he information on this site is contained in one page. Here, you will find all the information you need on all technological gadgets. What is even more amazing is the fact that you do not have to be a computer engineer to understand the content on the site.

9. Techi

This site offers serious technology related information. The amazing thing about this site is the way they relay the information in a laid back and friendly manner. It is a wonderful resource to visit regularly for all your technology related queries. A wonderful ay to start using this site would be visiting the offbeat section of the site.

8. Motherboard

The most special thing about this site is the video room. It is really well organized with high definition designs. The way the information is shared is also really exceptional. Here you will find stories that you would not expect to find in a conventional tech website. This site is simply the best site where celebration of the eclectic nature of technology is made.

7. NY times bits blog

There is word that this site might adopt a pay wall and that to use it you will have to pay a subscription fee. However, for now, if you are a Google or apple products user, this is the tech blog for you. Here you will find discussions about the most sophisticated tech ideas. The most amazing part is the way the discussions are made in simple, easily understandable language.

6. CNET blogs

This site is known all over the world as the most reliable electronics reviewer. There are over 40 blogs that are written by CNET staff. They cover a very wide array of topics, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. There are also lots of offers on the blogs, most of which the users are not even aware of. If you are interested in getting the latest information regarding all the types of electronics found in the market today, this is the site to visit.

5. All FaceBook

Even though this site is dedicated to only the information about face book, it certainly delivers. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the world’s largest social networking site. It contains all the information you need about the newest apps, features and modifications to the site. Whether you are a newbie in Faceook or a veteran, this is a site to visit for tips and additional information.

4. Digital trends

The focus of this site is the trendsetting computer technologies and other innovations. It delivers information in an engaging and entertaining tone. The main aim of this site is to help you as the reader to make the most out of your hi-tech lifestyle. If you need news updates, editorials and reviews concerning the latest technologies, this is the best trend chaser for you.

3. tech

You probably know CNN for delivering some of the best reports on world news. Well, their technology site is as impressive as the broadcast itself. Here you will find the most informative news regarding the latest technology. Despite their tendency to use geeky terms at times, they deliver the hottest news about computers, internet and technology.

2. Mashable

This site offers comprehensive news on what we know as web culture. Among the information that is included are reports on the happenings in social media, and technology. The site is a first choice for many tech professionals. But that does not mean you have to be one to enjoy it. The language used here is very easy for anyone to understand.


This is arguably one of the best technology magazines in the US and beyond. It covers every bit of technology you can think of. You will find information on mobile phones, computers, cars, entertainment and even events in politics. This is one of the best resources to a person that wants to stay informed on the latest developments in the world of technology and more.


Written by Victor Daily, who writes for BrennanIT.