Tips For Selecting The Best Online Backup Service

Online backup providers are actually adding the convenience and sense of security in our businesses. Finding the appropriate online backup service is a real troublesomeness. All the online backup service providers are the same in providing the features, like uploading the files, access and many others. The question is which feature makes a company the best in the market. The superiority of the service depends upon the factors like the file options, scheduling, security and the cost. The users can easily decide the best online backup service by evaluating these features.


The price mainly depends upon the number of the computers and the quantity of the data needed to backup. There are various free options available if you have a small amount of data. These offers are fit for the home users which are needed to store only a few gigabytes of the data.  The small businesses and the multi PC households have to use the paid option available.

The general range of these paid services is the $50 to $200 per year. There are more expensive offers available for the unlimited data storage. Prior to selection, you have to evaluate well the amount of the data that is needed to back up and actual number of computers.

Selection of the Right Data

Finding the correct data to backup is critical. This will help you in finding the best suited service for you and allow you to lower the cost. Better online services give their users a freedom of choosing the files in depth.  They always use the directory tree features for easy selection. This makes the selection flexible and reliable.


Schedulingis the most important factor you have to consider while selecting the online backup service. You should know when your data needs the backup, especially when the changes in the important documents are frequent.
TAPNET have the ample space to store as many files as you have on your personal computer. If you have more than one computer, the Pro Suite product will suit your needs, where you can back up the data of about 5 computers. The features of accessing the files from the iPhone and iPad Android are fantastic. This is not the end; you can also view photos and stream videos and music at any time. No Matter you have the MAC or the Windows operating system, this method works well on both.

TAPNET’s 256 Bit AES military grade encryption provides you the incredible privacy and security. The State of the art data center is capable of storing large amount of data and keeps that safe. AES encryption is the one of the latest and reliable technique, you cannot think of viewing them without the password. Storing the password inside the account itself can be risky; TAPNET prefers to place the key for un-encrypting on the local device.

You can also backup the network storage device, handling them is as easy as walking in the park. You can add the whole mapped network drives to your backups.