Top 5 interesting gadgets releasing in 2013

Every year sees new releases of interesting and fascinating gadgets especially in the field of information technology. This year is no different, the dynamism and versatility of technology has even become more competitive as a huge array of gadgets are yet to make their release in the planet. As the world waits anxiously for the gadgets, we take a look at the five most anticipated releases that are deemed to rock the scene.

Apple TV: Apple Corporation has always held the reigns as one of the leading and most innovative information technology companies in the world. The company mesmerized and brought technological changes with award winning gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad. Following in the same footsteps, Apple have come up with the Apple TV; this TV with a dimension of between 42 and 55 inches is set to change the world of TV viewership. The TV is unique in that it will allow a consumer to enjoy the world of TV as well as Computing with the ability to connect to the internet and perform activities such as video chatting, surfing, download applications etc. The price of the 47inch TV is pegged at about $ 1500 and $ 2000 for the 55 inch TV.

Xbox 720: As a sequel to its famed Xbox 360 series, the new Xbox 720 is well worth the wait. The new gaming device is being for waited anxiously by the gamers especially with its new tweaked up specs that enhance the gaming experience. Some features not found in the earlier games console or in other gaming devices include Blu-Ray application, live TV recording, an improved kinect application that enables the Xbox 720 work with reality glasses etc. Rumored to be powered by an 8GB RAM as well as a Quad four processor, the Xbox 720 will be one of the most powerful gaming consoles. The expected date of release will be around summer.

Google Glass: This is undoubtedly the most talked about gizmo worldwide; the idea of having a computer in your eye is simply mind blowing. Google glass features can be described as a merge of computers, tablets, and smart phones, consequently making the gadget perform tasks such as e-mailing, watching videos, display the weather, text messaging and much more. The price for the Google glass will be around $ 1500.

PS4: The PS4 is deemed to give the Xbox 720 a run for its money, the gaming console from Sony has upped the specs and features in a bid to match up to its main rival the Xbox. The gaming device will operate using a quad core processor as well as more than one GB graphic card. Following the positive reception the PS3 had, the PS4 is surely going to ruffle the feathers of the gaming world.

The Hiriko Car: This new and innovative foldable car from Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) is simply awesome. The car that seats two people is easily foldable thus very portable. The car’s date of released is expected to be around mid-2013 with the retail price being around $ 16,400. With its Eco-friendly features as well as energy saving capabilities, the car’s price can be brought down through hmrc tax credits as a way of promoting a green environment as well as reducing carbon emissions.

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