Travel a Mile with Tons of Information in your USB Sticks

Universal serial bus is a small storage device which can store large amounts of data. It includes flash memory with integrated USB interface. Physically it is much smaller than a floppy disk. Cd drive and floppy disks have been replaced by this USB sticks. This USB is typically removable and rewritable. They are smaller, faster, and more reliable and durable because it doesn’t have any moving parts.

Until about 2006, all the computers and laptops were supplied with USB ports. After the invention of USB sticks, usage of floppy drive reduced gradually due to its lowest memory storage. USB 2.0 support can store more data and transfer, than the larger devices like cd- rw, dvd-rw and so.

It has no moving parts and consists ofa small printed circuit board, which carries the circuit elements and USB connector. These are insulated electrically and protected inside plastic or wood or metal or rubberized cases. You can carry this in a pocket or on a key chain.

This flash memory combines many older technologies at lower cost, lower power consumption and the small size has made it possible to use advanced microprocessor technology. Four major parts of USB flash drive are

  • Standard A USB plug
  • USB mass storage controller
  • NAND flash memory chips
  • Crystal oscillator

There are also some additional components that are used for the production of USB flash drive. USB flash drive can also be integrated in watches, pens andmany other daily items.

There are many USB drives in different shapes and sizes. You can get a USB stick in the shape of key, strawberry, mango, dragon, guitar and many others. The read and write speed of USB sticks are in megabyte per second. Reading speed is faster when compared with others. The major usage of these USB sticks is to transport and store data, such as documents, pictures, multimedia files and so on.

This USB sticks are normally used in various environments, this is one of the secure data storage device to store data, applications and software files. Some of the major advantages of USB sticks are

  • Small and convenient
  • Can be carried safely
  • Simple for the end user
  • Less fragilethan tapes
  • Capacity is often larger
  • It is cheaper than many other back up devices

There are many types of USB sticks available in the market. If you are a kid, then you can get these in the shape of cartoons or if you are a young student then you can get them in many shapes like guitar, banana and many others. Everyone having their own “personalized” USB stick is really exciting.

If you are a business man and you need to present a project in some other country, then you need to travel a lot, surely it is uncomfortable to carry your lap top. So if you have aUSB stick then it is very easy for you. Once you have copied your project, you can carry in your pocket and move on. If you want to be more secure then take two USB sticks with you. You can travel by carrying tons of information in a small stick.

You can use this for fun or for studies or for business and many others activities. It is extremely popular among the computer users. You can get this promotional USB sticks in all ranges with good level of quality standards.

Be creative, innovative and keep up with latest trends like USB sticks.