High Tech Windows

What home would be complete with some windows in it? It is almost inconceivable to have a home with no windows in it but what kind of windows will we be using in the future? The high tech windows industry is currently the scene of a lot of feverish activity and now seems like a good time to ask you what you want from your home’s windows. Below are a few of the ideas which are either currently available or could be with us shortly.

I Want the Internet

We are so used to connecting to the internet in bed, on the train and on the beach that doing it while we are looking out of the double glazing window almost seems like the next logical step. The only issue we can picture when you have a giant touchscreen for a window is what the passersby will think when they see you tapping away at it. Will they think that you have lost your marbles and are talking to a conventional window? Regardless of this point, this seems a clever way of hooking up to the internet on a giant screen. Just be careful not to leave too many streaky marks on it. These windows actually exist and are expected to gain popularity in the next couple of years.

I Want to Watch a Film

How big is the television in your living room? As we look for ever bigger screens it seems a reasonable step to use our window instead. Ok, so it might not seem like a reasonable step at all but once you think about it then it makes sense. Now you can watch your favourite movies and sports action on a giant screen which transforms into a normal window when you aren’t using it. Hopefully these movie screen windows will be coming to a living room near you at some point in the future but it could still be some time away we think.

I Want to See the World

Can you imagine putting up a screensaver on your windows which shows you different images from across the world? One day you might fancy having a Chinese theme to your house and the next day you might go all Peruvian or Jamaican. This seems like a great idea for themed parties and could also cheer you up on a cold or boring day. There are lots you could do with this technology, such as watch your own slide shows on a giant screen or study for an exam while you are comfortably seated in the living room. Hopefully this technology will be with us soon and we can almost picture it being used in our houses already if we are being honest.